TDW Pipeline Pressures


Pipeline Pressures



The Project

T.D. Williamson, a global leader in pipeline product and service solutions, was in need of a video to accompany a newly redesigned website to explain its mission. Invisible Element teamed up with TDW to create this unique animated video that utilized illustration and motion design.

The Approach

Although this project was a collaborative effort, Invisible Element was responsible for scripting, creating art direction and illustration, as well as animation. TDW was interested in creating a unique video that would stand out amongst those commonly found within the Energy market. The visual approach we landed on allowed great flexibility to give a corporate message a fresh, distinct voice. 

About T.D. Williamson

Since 1920, TDW has served the pressurized pipeline industry with product and service innovations engineered to exceed customer expectations. Today, TDW is a global leader in pipeline product and service solutions, providing hot tapping & plugging, pipeline cleaning, geometry & MFL inspection, pigging and non-tethered plugging pig technology services for any pressurized pipeline system.

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Style Frames


Character Development


Background Elements


Illustration Elements



Roles : Scripting, Art Direction, Illustration, Motion Design, Edit
Tools : After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere

ToolsClient : T.D. Williamson
Score / Sound Design / Master : Musosolus