Space Guys in Space



The Project

Carl (Jason Marsden) and Stew are the last surviving members of the human race. Just two guys stuck in a broken-down escape pod, with no engines and only basic life support, drifting listlessly through the galaxy - forced to co-habitate until rescued or worse. 

The Approach

Narrated by the talented Phil LaMarr (playing the role of Gahd), the opening sequence immediately sets the ridiculous tongue-in-cheek tone of the show. The art direction and approach was created to follow suite - hence the ungodly number of explosions and seemingly shoddy production quality. In addition to the opening sequence, the logo for the title was also created for the show. 




Logo Development



Roles : Art Direction, Motion Design, Illustration
Tools : After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop
Produced at Steelehouse

Client : Epic Level Entertainment
Production : Steelehouse