Playscapes Branding



The Project

Everyone loves a playground! Simply put, Play-scapes is a blog about playgrounds, authored and edited by Paige Johnson. focuses on quality play space provisions from all around the world. As an artistic medium, the playground structures become a part of their landscapes.

I was asked to help with the rebranding of Playscapes, which included creating a new logo, typography, brand colors and establishing art direction for its online presence. Needless to say this project was hours of fun!

The Approach

The previous logo was dull and didn't help to encapsulate the purpose and intention of the brand. With this rebrand, the goal was to recapture the sense of modern art and architecture found in these areas of play. The primary mark is created with abstract and modular shapes spelling the word 'PLAY'. The color palette contains colors representing the entire spectrum, emphasizing the notion that play can happen everywhere.









Unused Concepts


Roles : Art Direction, Design, Illustration
Tools : Illustrator

Client : Playscapes