I Have the Power Glove!



The Concept

He-Man + the Nintendo Power Glove = "I Have the Power Glove!". Mashups are always a fun design and brain exercise. From the many fails and just terrible mash up ideas, this one emerged victorious. Who wouldn't love to see He-Man wield the power of the glove?

Sure, He-Man is the most powerful man in the universe, but only with the help of the Nintendo Power Glove, will he attain true power!

The Approach

Initially, a cel shaded approach similar to the Filmation style He-Man cartoon made sense. However as the illustration started to take shape, the thought of slanting the style towards the 8-bit nature of the Nintendo gaming system was a bit more interesting. The typography, as well as He-Man already represented the Masters of the Universe, so making that work in 8-bit helped emphasize that portion of the parody. The illustration was created in a true 8-bit style, pixel by pixel, at a final dimension of 240px by 240px.


Product Shots

Exclusively printed and sold at shirt.woot.com.



Roles : Art Direction, Illustration
Tools : Photoshop

Client : Personal