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The Project

The Humble Garnish, a food and drink site, approached Invisible Element to help create its initial branding. The goal was to build a solid logo that could work as the site's primary masthead, while being versatile across all media outlets and imprints. The primary lock up consists of a bold wordmark balanced with a garnished-based illustrated logomark.

The Approach

We developed a signature logo that evoked a classic feel by referencing wine and spirits labels for inspiration. The bold typographic treatment gives the signature presence, pairing nicely with a hand drawn logomark.  


About The Humble Garnish

The Humble Garnish represents a philosophy of excellence, balance, and humility. Simplify something to its core components so that you can analyze and understand them. Realize those seemingly insignificant details are the foundation of the larger picture. Ignore the minor and you cannot succeed in the major.

The garnish is an under appreciated element, but it alone is the one tasked to make the first impression. It is the ambassador signifying that a meal or drink is ready for consumption. Food and drink cannot hide behind a garnish, but excellent food and drink can be enhanced by one.

Above all, The Humble Garnish philosophy is that if something is worth your time, it is worth giving it your best. When your best is not good enough, admit it and improve. Once you attain mastery, add the garnish, but maintain humility throughout the entire process.


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Roles : Art Direction, Design, Illustration
Tools : Illustrator, Photoshop

Client : The Humble Garnish