Back to Bits : TMNT


Back to Bits : TMNT 



The Project

Back To Bits, a project created and curated by Jerry Liu, is an animation project featuring the collective works of more than 40 artists from around the world, showcasing a series of animated GIFs inspired by retro Nintendo Entertainment System games. This first round, or “level,” in the Back to Bits series is called NES Nostalgia, and is a tribute to retro 80s and 90s NES games. 

The Approach

I was honored to receive an invite to contribute to the show. Each artist was given the opportunity to choose a classic Nintendo game to serve as their theme. Naturally, I chose Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : The Manhattan Project. I wanted to recreate a portion of pre-game loading animation, but with a more traditional animation style, vs. the 8 bit approach. The elements were created in Photoshop and animated with After Effects.



About Back To Bits

Back to Bits was channeled by the nostalgic desire to go 'back to the bit era' when games were measured in bits, NES 8-bit and SNES 16-bit.

The project serves as a lighthearted creative outlet to bring like-minded artists together to share work, celebrate their love for these games and inspire the next generation of gamers.

Back to Bits contributors are professional artists from various creative industries including illustrators, animators, comic book artists, concept artists, directors and designers who share a passion for video games. Artists were asked to reinterpret and create a seamless looping animated short GIF inspired by an NES game of their choice.

Subsequent levels in this series are in development stages and are planned for future release.


Roles : Motion Design
Tools : After Effects, Photoshop

Client : Personal Project