Aliens 30th Anniversary : "Game Over"



About the Illustration

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film Aliens, Squaredco teamed up with Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas to present a screening event in Laguna Nigel, California. The event included a pop-up art show featuring Aliens inspired art from artists all over the world. I was commissioned by Squaredco to create the official event poster that was silkscreened as a limited edition run.

Coincidentally, this was my first illustration used as a promotional art print, so creating the piece was a fun exercise. I wanted to capture the final battle between Ripley in the power loader and the Alien Queen, while emphasizing present danger of the onlooking colony.

The poster is a 5 color screen print in an edition of 75 and printed by the incredible folks at Seizure Palace.  





Roles : Illustration
Tools : Adobe Illustrator

Client : SquaredCo